The Future Of Food & Beverages

Our Think Tank

Welcome to a crowd based think tank, delivering tangible innovation for tomorrow! We are in the midst of rapid transformation in the food & beverage industry. Are you in the driver’s seat?

  • Discover new opportunities for your business with the Future of Food & Beverages think tank
  • With an expert team of leading innovators we are launching the first global interdisciplinary think tankto explore future scenarios of production, distribution, and consumption
  • The task is leveraged by a crowd of 80.000 creatives and innovators via the online platform jovoto

Our Challenge

The food and beverage industry is bursting with innovation. From production and distribution to packing and communication, almost every part of the chain is being transformed. On one hand, this change is driven by mega trends like digitalization and urbanization, but on the other hand we are experiencing a significant shift in consumption culture and consumer behavior. Organics have been on the rise for years already, while former niche movements like vegetarianism and veganism are shifting into the mainstream. Eating local is celebrating a comeback and there is a significant demand for transparency from the food industry. On the media front, bloggers have brought a new lifestyle dimension to food and beverages, new dining experiences like supper clubs and the street food mo- vement have emerged and at the same time there is also a tremendous growth in delivery services driven by tech- nological advances that make our groceries, our meals, and our beverages faster, smarter, and more convenient.

We have launched the think tank of the future, powered by the crowd, innovators driving the latest trends (including start-ups), and major brands across the food & beverage industry. Going beyond existing market studies, trend reports and international R&D, our aim is to develop future scenarios of consumption, production, distribution, and communication of food and beverages.



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